What I Let You See


Jeremiah 29:11-13
New Living Translation (NLT)

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. 12 In those days when you pray, I will listen. 13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

The Me, You Can’t See

Try as you might
You can’t see me,
It’s hidden away
Just what I “be”,

Like a super hero
With this power inside,
That always allows me
To run away and hide,

So don’t even bother
Even if I cry and complain,
To discover the truth
For invisible I remain,

For while I might be lonely
And desire a true friend,
My fear of rejection
Wins out in the end,

Dear God, up in heaven
If You hear what I pray,
Remove from me this madness
And see me today.

©2018 by William Pierce


Fear does not come from You, so please move within all of us today and help us to know ourselves and to be someone who others can trust and share their true selves. Fill us with Your love that we might share it with the world. Thank You!


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Where Are We Bound?


Matthew 24:24-27
New Living Translation (NLT)

24 For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. 25 See, I have warned you about this ahead of time.
26 “So if someone tells you, ‘Look, the Messiah is out in the desert,’ don’t bother to go and look. Or, ‘Look, he is hiding here,’ don’t believe it! 27 For as the lightning flashes in the east and shines to the west, so it will be when the Son of Man comes.

Identical Destinations?

So many different identities,
So very many souls,
All traveling different paths,
All with so many goals,

Where are we all going,
With destinations grand?
Can we all be heading,
For identical promised lands?

Does it really matter,
Which road that we all choose?
Is it just about how hard we work,
As to whether we win or lose?

Is there a place out there at all,
Or is it just a dream we share?
When we end this earthly walk,
Will anything be there?

Are we merely cosmic dust,
That happened here by chance?
Is this just some interim,
In time’s great expanse?

I have pinned my hopes on God,
The one and only true Creator,
Who sent His son to prove His love,
And be our Lord and Savior,

There is no work that I can do,
He paid for my admission,
He and I will soon be as one,
On the day of great transition,

I pray one day you share my faith,
To me it is the only choice,
Then we’ll all sit at God’s table,
And sing praises in one voice.

©2018 by William Pierce


You have created all things and in You we are given life. You promise that whoever will search for You will find You. Make of all mankind searchers yearning to know the Truth.

Thank You, Lord!


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We Cannot Blush


2 Timothy 3:2-5
New Living Translation (NLT)

2 For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. 3 They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good. 4 They will betray their friends, be reckless, be puffed up with pride, and love pleasure rather than God. 5 They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that!

Blush Me Not

We cannot blush
Just look around
We know not shame
It can’t be found

We live for lust
In every form
Do what you will
Is the new norm

We have lost
Our moral compass
We all speak
As sounding brass

We dance as those
Who in Sinai’s desert
Forge false gods
And the Law subvert

Praise God!
His mercy’s endless
To forgive us
For all we transgress

If we could only
Change our deadly passion
He would forgive
And our souls refashion

But more and more
God’s given the bum’s rush
We don’t have time
We cannot blush

©2018 by William Pierce


Have mercy upon us, before it is too late. Thank You!


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Impressed by the Truth


Matthew 7:3-5
New Living Translation (NLT)

3 “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own? 4 How can you think of saying to your friend, ‘Let me help you get rid of that speck in your eye,’ when you can’t see past the log in your own eye? 5 Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.

Patiently Set Ablaze

Well, of course I’m patient,
Its one of the spiritual fruits,
What would make you think I’m not?
Perhaps you’re not too astute?

Or maybe you’re just jealous?
You know, I’ve noticed that in you,
Riding around in that fancy car,
Has made you lose your point of view,

What’s that? You think I’m angry,
Well, you’re the one who started this,
Put down that walking cane, if you dare,
And we’ll settle this with our fists,

I’m warning you! You’d better step away!
Don’t start something you’ll regret!
Ouch! You hit me with a sucker punch!
Hey, old man! Come back here!! We’re not finished yet!

Well, as I said, when this first began,
I’m almost always patient to a fault,
At least until my Father shows me that I’m not
As my thoughts somehow turn to assault

©2018 by William Pierce


Forgive us when we are not patient. When we lose sight of our own faults. Help us to see clearly and act wisely in all we do. Thank You for Your merciful patience.


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Forged by Fire


Luke 13:34
New Living Translation (NLT)

34 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills the prophets and stones God’s messengers! How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks beneath her wings, but you wouldn’t let me.

Creation Incubation

what does it take?
what’s the needed conditions?
to make us all grow
we need incubation,

not just our bodies
nor even our minds,
but as a person
the way we were designed,

we ask for pleasure,
we ask for gain,
who would ever
ask for more pain?

yet by our suffering
strength is conveyed,
then our eyes are opened
and compassion displayed,

nor would we request
to live like the poor,
to struggle to eat
would be hard to endure,

but are not our trials
our greatest life lessons?
might not they be
God’s greatest blessin’s?

©2018 by William Pierce


You are the Potter and we are the clay. Please mold us into worthy vessels. Press us and twist us. Place us in the fire and change us from within. We trust You, Lord. Do as You will. There is nowhere else to go. Thank You for caring and loving us enough to give us what we need.


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A Wrinkle in My Humble Pie


Proverbs 11:2
New Living Translation (NLT)

2 Pride leads to disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.

Wrinkles in Life

I mean, it’s just a little crease
It hardly even shows
It hasn’t been around too long
I just saw it moments ago

I was merely having breakfast
Then came in here to brush my teeth
When I noticed it in the mirror
In the corner of my mouth or maybe just beneath

You see I didn’t have my glasses on
And my hearing aids were out
So I could hardly see the darn thing
Or hear what my wife was shouting so about

Then as she walked into the room with me
She started cackling like a hen
And I just stood there mystified
Wondering if she had been sipping on some gin

Well, she finally had me find my glasses
And put my hearing aids on
Then she pointed to the mirror
And with a giggle she was gone

Then I turned and took a good look
At what I thought was just a wrinkle
And it turns out I wasn’t eating oatmeal
But the grandbaby’s pablum with multi-colored sprinkles

“Marge!” I screamed at the top of my lungs
My indignation soaring high
But it only made her laugh again
Until the baby began to cry

See what you’ve done, you silly man
You and your stubbornness
If you had only put your glasses on
Your face would not be such a mess

Well, I looked at myself in the mirror
And I was a sight I must concede
But it’s these little wrinkles in our everyday lives
That give us the humility that we need

©2018 by William Pierce


Help us to take a long, deep look at ourselves and recognize our shortcomings. Then may we turn to You and be changed. Thank You, Lord!



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Provoke Me With Love


©2018 by William Pierce

Romans 6:23
New Living Translation (NLT)

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Provoked by Time

Like flowers that have lain too long
Amid a tired and aging vase,
Where the workings of timeless sun and wind
Provoke the aging of their face,

And the water that gave them nourishment
Has slowly festered and turned a mossy green,
Choking off the flow of life
So slow it’s hardly even seen,

The sun’s rays break through the window panes
And cause a diffuse pattern on the wall,
Its light now revealing the toll of life
On every flower, one and all,

Time too has taken its toll on me
As the clock hands quickly turned,
Soon I’ll rest inside an earthen vase
Where to the dust I am returned,

But unlike flowers cut from the root
Destined to fade away and die,
The Gardener has come to graft me
Into His garden in the sky

©2018 by William Pierce


Thank You for rescuing us from the ravages of sin and time. You are the master gardener who cuts and prunes and grafts us, changing us from tares to wheat. Please be with us as we walk through this field of life.


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Matthew 11:29-30
New Living Translation (NLT)

29 Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

Noise Reduction

What in the world
Is this clattering sound?
That beats on my head
With a volume profound,

Making it hard to think
Harder still to understand
This cacophony must end
It’s more than I can withstand

Give me a quiet and peaceful setting
Somewhere noise can’t interfere
Somewhere deep in my persona
Down where serenity perseveres

A pristine and clear setting
Where my mind can come and rest
Where my soul is bathed in beauty
And my spirit is blessed

So come with me this moment
To a place you’ll never forget
Take up my easy burden
And find eternal rest

©2018 by William Pierce


In this world of commotion and clamor help us to build a wall of serenity around us. Help us to live within the walls of Your love.


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Mirror Image


Hebrews 1:3
New Living Translation (NLT)

3 The Son radiates God’s own glory and expresses the very character of God, and he sustains everything by the mighty power of his command. When he had cleansed us from our sins, he sat down in the place of honor at the right hand of the majestic God in heaven.

Captivated by His Portrait

You show yourself in pieces
Like whispers so genteel
But there’s just so much to you
That’s impossible to reveal

We see your strength so impressive
In the power of the storm
Your kindness we receive each day
When the sun returns to warm

And gentle rains refresh the soil
So the plants can grow and blossom
While the food that they provide us
Is nothing short of awesome

The plants, the trees, the stars and moon
Paint a picture of your grandeur
While your words inspire and show
The very essence of your nature

And more captivating than all of this
A portrait plain and pure
A shepherd came and gave his life
So we would know you for sure

©2018 by William Pierce


You show Yourself to us in all Your creation. Yet the best expression of Yourself is in the person of Jesus. When we look upon Him we have our clearest picture of You. Thank You, Lord for creating us and loving us. May every person come to see You and follow after You.


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