Walking on the Water

Just a Closer Walk

Circle up the wagons!
Get the hatches battened down!
There’s a storm that’s out there brewing
Where nothing but trouble can be found,

The government’s against us
Or so some would probably say,
And all the while the ordinary people
Are headed down the long, hard way,

Food prices keep on soaring
And gas just hit an all-time high,
If it weren’t for all our second jobs
We couldn’t possibly get by,

Crime is surely increasing,
Interest rates are on the rise,
But most folks live their busy lives
With rose-colored blinders on their eyes,

So why should I be worried?
Why should I cringe in mortal fear?
There’s a man out there walking on the water
And he’s coming over here,

Yes, he’s walking on the water
And offering a helping hand,
You only need to take hold
And on a solid rock you’ll quickly stand,

Hallelujah! he’s walking on the water,
Setting folks free from sin and death,
Praise god! he was walking on the water
Right up until his dying breath,

And now he’s sitting up in heaven
Where he’s praying for you and me,
And someday soon he’ll come for us
And set us completely free.

So why should I be worried?
There’s nothing that can harm me anymore,
There’s a man who walked upon the water
Who’s waiting on that celestial shore.

©2018 by William Pierce


Thank You, from the depths of our souls!

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