No Need to Worry

“Thought I might go back to my writing roots today…a prayer for all”

Israel 525


Run and Hide

As a young man, David might have hidden among the caves of the Negev (pictured above), as King Saul pursued him. He probably thought as we do today that all the godly persons had gone away when he prayed this prayer :

Psalm 12:1
New Living Translation (NLT)

1 Help, O Lord, for the godly are fast disappearing!
The faithful have vanished from the earth!


Though the world is dark and there doesn’t seem to be many people who can discern the truth or who desire to live a righteous life, You are still here among us. Though we were to climb the highest mountain or descend into the deepest cavern, You would be there with us. There is no distance or barrier that will keep us from Your love. You long to be with us and that is amazing!

Lord, there are many among us who have too little to eat. There are children and there are adults who for whatever reason are hungry today. Bless them with a meal. One that will fill their bellies and fill their spirits. Open doors that they might have a continuing source of provision. Open our hearts that we might be Your hands and feet.

There are those who are sick, Lord. They are struggling with cancers and crippling diseases. Some have mental issues and others fight to hang onto life as victims of violence. Please heal them everyone. Bless them with Your Presence and touch them with Your hands. Speak healing over them from heaven, for whatever You speak…is done. Thank You for loving us and sending Jesus. In His name, all things are possible.

Please bless our leaders. May they desire to serve You and those who elected them. May they be ethical leaders. Let Your words guide them in all that they do. May they see clearly what is best and good for this country and seek after it with all their might.

And finally, please bless each of us who read this prayer. Only You will know what we need and how to get it to us. It might be a job. It might be someone to love. Or just someone to listen. You know us better than we know ourselves. Grant us Your favor, it is better than talent, more valuable than gold. With it we are invincible! And please whisper to us always. It’s easy to feel lost in this world. Please keep guiding us home.

Thank You so very much! Amen!

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