Where To Now?


John 15:13
New Living Translation (NLT)

13 There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


“And so here we are at the end of an era. The Daily Prompt is no more after today. What can I say? Well first, I’ve really enjoyed posting to the Daily Prompt. I’ve been blessed to get to know many of you through your writings and I’ve enjoyed being able to express myself as well. To all of you who took the time to read and visit this blog…”I thank you!”. The Bible tells us that the greatest act of love is to lay down your life for another. That can mean the ultimate act of actually dying for someone else but I believe it can also mean to sacrifice your life in small pieces by helping someone in a million different ways and so I appreciate that all of you have taken the time to visit my tiny blog. Your presence and kind words have touched me and given me great joy. Again, thank you all! “

And as usual, I’ll try to end with a poem.


In retrospect…
It’s been great fun,
Without the Prompt,
What would I’ve done?

No one knew
That I was here,
They wouldn’t come
Even if I gave away beer,

But then I found
The Prompt at last,
It gave me direction
Made writing a blast,

Many came
I know not why,
But I’m glad you did
And that’s no lie,

So on this night
The last we have together,
I’ll say this prayer
It will be my pleasure,

“Father, won’t You hear this prayer?”
“Bless all who read this with Your tender care”,
“Keep them safe from what they fear”
“Let them know that You’re always there!”

©2018 by William Pierce

“Goodnight All”


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7 thoughts on “Where To Now?

  1. God Bless and may your beautiful presence continue to inspire us…
    I do hope you continue your blog. Each day, your poems and prayers have uplifted me and surely, many…
    May you create a most amazing adventure within your world this day..Namaste’

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