The Last Straw


Proverbs 3:27-30
New Living Translation (NLT)

27 Do not withhold good from those who deserve it
when it’s in your power to help them.
28 If you can help your neighbor now, don’t say,
“Come back tomorrow, and then I’ll help you.”
29 Don’t plot harm against your neighbor,
for those who live nearby trust you.
30 Don’t pick a fight without reason,
when no one has done you harm.

Longtime Slighted

It wasn’t very much,
No, not very much at all,
But it was just enough
To make everything fall,

It started years and years ago
And just kept on keeping on,
Then suddenly on a normal day
“Kaboom!” and it was gone,

How can such a little thing
Cause such misery?
It only has that power
From the things you cannot see,

So be careful what you do
And careful what you say,
Or someday the slightest thing
Might cause your darkest day,

Hurts build up inside the heart
And you think that they’re forgotten,
But memories linger long
And can make a love turn rotten,

It’s alright to say what you think
But be sure you think what you say,
Cause after a while the victim turns
And up and walks away.

©2018 by William Pierce


Be with us each day. Help us to be fair and forgiving. Give us strength to show mercy as we have received it. We are weak, Lord, and need Your help. Thank You!

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