Skewed Before You Know It


2 Corinthians 10:5-6
The Message (MSG)

3-6 The world is unprincipled. It’s dog-eat-dog out there! The world doesn’t fight fair. But we don’t live or fight our battles that way—never have and never will. The tools of our trade aren’t for marketing or manipulation, but they are for demolishing that entire massively corrupt culture. We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. Our tools are ready at hand for clearing the ground of every obstruction and building lives of obedience into maturity.


Just a little twisted
A smidgen off the mark,
Nothing so remarkable
As to leave us in the dark,

Just outside the limit
Hardly worth the mention,
You’d have to be quite critical
To give it your attention,

The world is changing day by day
It’s hard to perceive at all,
Things don’t happen all at once
But in increments oh so small,

Isn’t that the way it happens
Just a little at the time,
First we entertain the sin
Next thing the devil’s there to dine.

©2018 by William Pierce


Help us to take each thought captive and to weigh it against Your word, for Your word is truth and our only hope for life. Thank You, Lord for loving us so.

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