When Angels Fret


Hebrews 13:2
New Living Translation (NLT)

2 Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!


She arrived on the bus from Denver
With one bag and a face filled with a frown
And proceeded to check in at Ariel’s
A boarding house out near the edge of town

Next morning she awoke at sunrise
Had breakfast of bacon and eggs
Then walked through each business in Sibley
And looked for any job that she could barter or beg

By noon she had run the full gamut
The only one left was Charley’s saloon
So she grabbed the “help wanted” placard
And entered into the dark and dreary room

There at the bar stood a man in an apron
And with the very best smile she could smile
Said, “I like to apply for this position”
“Even if it’s for only a short while.”

“Well, lady, that’s fine if you’re qualified?
“There’s not many folks around here who are.”
“I need someone to play a little piano”
“And maybe give me a break from the bar.”

“I’ve played in church since I was fifteen”
“And though I’ve never tended bar for even a day”
“I know I can do it, if you teach me”
“And I’ve got to earn money some way.”

Well, ok, we’ll give it a chance for the moment
But you have to play something with cheer
This ain’t no revival I’m running here lady
If you want to get paid, we’ve got to sell beer

She walked to the keyboard in silence
And struck up a tune full of the blues
Then sang with the voice of an angel
And when finished asked, “How will that do?”

Charley near swallowed his cigar
As he awoke from the trance he was in
He said, “That was absolutely amazing!”
“I’ll see you back here at seven”, he said with a grin.

“Oh hey!” he cried as she opened the door
“What is your name, by the way?”
With a frown on her face she thought for a time
“Sylvia” was all she would say

That evening the saloon was near empty
As Sylvia sat down to play her first tune
The locals were all sitting in silence
Except for the sound of the occasional spittoon

But then as the music ascended
And her voice filled the dark, dreary space
People were held in the arms of her song
And mesmerized by its winsome embrace

This went on for a week or more
And the crowds grew larger each night
Charley was never so happy
Because business was never so bright

But things were about to get sticky
Next night when a man with a beard
Started asking questions about Sylvia
And just when and how she had appeared

Well when Sylvia saw him from a distance
She ran out the back in a mad dash
And made her way over to Ariel’s
And started packing as quick as a flash

Then suddenly came a knock at her door
And she almost jumped out of her skin
But let out a sigh of blessed relief
When Charley asked, “Sylvia, may I come in?”

She opened the door and pulled Charley through
And said, “I’m sorry, Charley, but it’s time that I was gone.”
“I understand,” Charley replied, “but I want you to know”
“We can persuade this guy to leave just you alone.”

That’s nice of you, my dear Charley
And I wish there was a way not to run
But my story’s too long and my time’s too short
And I must be gone by the rising of the sun

I won’t ask you any more questions then
But here’s the money that you have earned
Now won’t you let my friend, Jerry, drive you
Over to the next town where you won’t be discerned

That man is watching the bus station
He’ll spot you before you get near
We’ve all come to admire and adore you
Won’t you let us help get you out of here

With that she kissed him and cried
He said, “Now don’t you go and fret”
“You can’t find too much here in Sibley”
“But we haven’t lost one friend yet”

So she left that night in Jerry’s backseat
Then boarded the bus in Baxter down the road
We never knew why she was running
Or why she carried such a great load

And Charley’s saloon is slow once again
But it will never be quite the same
The memory of the music will always remain
As will the girl with only Sylvia as a name

©2018 by William Pierce


Help us to show hospitality to all we meet and extend Your love to every creature.


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