Bitter Pills To Swallow


Proverbs 22:24
New Living Translation (NLT)

Don’t befriend angry people
or associate with hot-tempered people,


I will not swallow this,
I really must decline,
I will not be ridiculed
Even one more time,

For as long as I can remember,
Maybe longer than that,
You’ve argued and fought
And I have just sat,

You’re clever and foxy
And you manipulate well,
But not for another minute
Will I sit in this hell,

You’ll get angry and furious,
Then the victim you’ll become,
Yet to your tricks and treachery
I will not succumb,

I won’t even hate you,
I’ll forgive and forget,
I’ll just walk away quickly
Without a regret,

Perhaps down the road
When memories grow dim,
We can mend all our fences
With help from Him

©2018 by William Pierce


Be with us as we struggle with our self-esteem and pride. We can’t seem to get along with everyone, even if we try. So please come for us and change us from the inside out. Help us to be strong in the ways we need to be strong and merciful in what we need to show mercy in. Thank You, Lord!

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