Quick Trick


Jeremiah 29:13
New Living Translation (NLT)

13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

Too Suddenly Sought

All at once it came upon me
An idea far too grand to set aside
I would need to fashion quickly
All the potential it could provide

So I sat up late throughout the evening
Working hard until the sun rolled around
Marking down every detail of its creation
And listing every positive to be found

Then at last there before me
It was pictured with a perfect plan
And I knew the world was waiting
With desperate eyes and cash in hand

Then just as quickly as it had come upon me
The voice of reason made me stop and think
That while it seemed a flawless product
Within its armor was a single chink

No, it wasn’t that it was a bad thing
Or even that it cost too much
It simply wasn’t what the masses yearned for
And my world vision was out of touch

So I scrapped it in a moment’s notice
Without a single regret or thought
For things that come without a struggle
Are often fished for but seldom caught

©2018 by William Pierce


Guide us each and every day to seek You. To lay aside our plans, our ways, and our desires and to seek only You. You are the treasure worth finding. You are our only hope.


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