Messy Situation


James 3:2
New Living Translation (NLT)

2 Indeed, we all make many mistakes. For if we could control our tongues, we would be perfect and could also control ourselves in every other way.

Me Oh My, Here Comes Clyde

My Oh My!
This has got to be
The messiest mess
That you’ll ever see

It started when Clyde the dog
Came in covered with mud and clover
And jumped on the sofa
Then rolled over and over

Then he ran into the kitchen
Where my wife, Peg, was cooking ham
When he knocked it on the floor
And broke the plate with a “Bam”

It scared my wife so bad
She let out with a scream
So I stopped dead in my tracks
And hoped it was just a bad dream

Well, there was no such luck
As you can surely tell
As Clyde turned the corner
And three plants all fell

The pots were all broken
And the dirt scattered around
When out in the kitchen
I heard a scary sound

It started out low
Like a train far away
But then it began to cackle
Like a hen before she lays

And when I looked in the kitchen
I was struck with total fear
Cause Clyde was standing over Peg
And licking her in the ear

Well, I grabbed up Clyde
And pushed him out through the door
And it was about that moment
That Peg came up from the floor

She pointed a finger
And started to shout
When she stopped mid sentence
And gave me her best “pout”

What could I say
As she began to weep
I just picked up the broom
And started to sweep

And I swept through the night
And into the next day
With Clyde eating ham outdoors
While Peg had nothing to say

So I learned a hard lesson
That was burned in my brain
If you don’t want a messy life
Keep your dog on a chain

©2018 by William Pierce


Help us control ourselves so that we are not ruled over by foolishness. We need Your help so we will not be like an animal out of control, unruly and without reason. Place us on Your merciful chain and keep us on our way home to You.

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