Without a Doubt


James 1:6
International Standard Version (ISV)

6 But he must ask in faith, without any doubts, for the one who has doubts is like a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.

Suspicious of My Valentine?

It seems very suspicious,
Very suspicious indeed,
That we are asked to wax suspicious,
On the very day of love we most need,

Why would we look with critical eyes,
On those we say we love?
Should we not be seeing hearts,
And cupids up above?

Should we not eat candy,
And in ritzy restaurants dine?
Surely we shouldn’t be in doubt,
Of the love we’re out to find?

Surely we should hug and kiss,
And give away bouquets by the ton?
If we can’t have love on Valentine ’s Day,
Then how will we ever have any fun?

©2018 by William Pierce


May we never doubt Your love. May we always look for and find that You are the one true and pure love that holds our hearts. Thank You for this life filled with You.


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