Pocketful of Cavities


Proverbs 21:5
New Living Translation (NLT)

5 Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity,
but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.

The Cavity

I had a little cavity
Which made me want to cry
Anything I bit down on
Would make me jump sky-high

So I went to see the dentist
And he said he’d fix me up
Next thing I was in the chair
And spitting in a cup

He packed my mouth with cotton
So full I could not speak
Then he had the nerve to ask
“What’s been going on this week?”

Well, I squirmed around with my tongue
And made a hole and tried to vocalize
But he jabbed me with some Novocain
And my mouth was paralyzed

Then he started drilling and a ‘grinding
It seemed like for days and days
And when he let me up from there
I was sort of in a haze

His assistant handed me a cup
And said that I should rinse
But when I did it all came out
Like through a picket fence

Well, she wiped me off as best she could
But he wasn’t through quite yet
Then he started filling in the hole
And he began to sweat

He’d push and pull, and poke around
And stuck a light inside
Then finally he said, “Looks like we’re done”
“Tank Gawd!” I replied.

And I thought it all was over
Until the bill was handed to me
But the hole they drilled in my pocketbook
Was bigger than the cavity

So be diligent in all you do
Brush your teeth and say a prayer
If you don’t take care of the simple things
You’ll need to be a millionaire

©2018 by William Pierce


Help us each day to take care of the important things in life…our relationship with you, our families, our health, and to savor every moment of every day. Life is short and extraordinary, we should cherish each second. Thank You for our amazing lives!


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