Aliens, Ernest T, and Me

I thought it might be nice tonight to have some fun. In case some of you have never heard of Ernest T. Bass from the Andy Griffith Show, I’m listing a link to a tribute to him from YouTube (you might not want to watch it all since it’s fifteen minutes…then again). I hope you enjoy it and my poem that “pokes a little fun” at extraterrestrial encounters. Enjoy!


1 Peter 5:8
New Living Translation (NLT)

8 Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

Shocking Encounter

I had quite a shock last night
As I was awakened from of a dream
Everything that was happening
Was not as it might seem

I found myself a’floating
Like down a quiet and gentle stream
When all of a sudden
I was caught in an alien tractor beam

And soon they had me a’flying
Up where the moon sits and glows
Then they transported me inside their ship
And took away my clothes

Then they laid me down upon
A table cold and wide
And very soon I noticed
There was someone by my side

One quick glance was all it took
I knew that face for sure
It was Ernest T from Mayberry
And he was holding a brochure

It said they had a transplant sale
If you cared to improve your mind
And for $100 you could gladly swap
With anyone you could find

Well Ernest T as usual
Was trying to win himself a girl
So he just picked me out at random
And said, “Let’s give his head a whirl!”

Well sure enough, they hooked us up
Inside a treacherous device
And it began to bang and boom
And then it sliced and diced

When I awoke back in my room
With the dawning of the light
I seemed to be a’talking strange
And a’wanting to throw every rock in sight

Could it be they were really here
Those green men in the sky
Who kidnapped me so suddenly
And cause my brain to fry

If they were and ever swing back by
I hope they’ll come around
I’d like to pay them back for this
With a big ole rock I found

©2018 by William Pierce


While humor is a great gift, let us not take lightly the enemy we face. Please be with us and keep us strong and sober-minded. Thank You!

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