Look Up!


Psalm 121
New Living Translation (NLT)

1 I look up to the mountains—
does my help come from there?
2 My help comes from the Lord,
who made heaven and earth!
3 He will not let you stumble;
the one who watches over you will not slumber.
4 Indeed, he who watches over Israel
never slumbers or sleeps.
5 The Lord himself watches over you!
The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.
6 The sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon at night.
7 The Lord keeps you from all harm
and watches over your life.
8 The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go,
both now and forever

Grim Thoughts

We all have our little gremlins
Who like to follow us around
And when we begin to grin or smile
They try to make us frown

Like when we look into the mirror
At the new haircut we got
They whisper sure it looks real good
But what about that bald spot

Or maybe we just gave a speech
On the virtues of being old
Then inside our heads their laughs begin
And get to be uncontrolled

And worse by far than their ridicule
Is their seductive tempting ways
When we might have a glass of wine
But we wind up in a drunken daze

And have you ever been driving home
In the fury of the busy street
When you find yourself suddenly in a rage
At every other driver that you meet

Ahhhh! They’re dirty little demon dogs
That lead us all astray
But there’s one cure for their sickness
That might help us save the day

When you hear their whispers start
As they try to cloud your mind
Turn your eyes to heaven
Where there are higher thoughts to find

©2017 by William Pierce


Be with us all and keep our minds from evil. Let us not become discouraged. Let us not be angry. You are with us and all is well.

Thank You, Lord


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6 thoughts on “Look Up!

  1. This is fabulous–I well know those negative thought gremlins that desire to steal my peace and joy. The older I get, the quicker I take them to the Cross–and look toward Heaven. God bless you! And Happy Thanksgiving, if you’re also in the USA.

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