Fall Out Laughing




(See Translation Below.)

Iggedway Outway!

Iway adhay away ittlelay oblempray odaytay
Itway eemssay ymay earsway ecamebay ungluedway
Andway Iway eganbay otay earhay omesay ifferentday oundssay
Ichwhay ereway oublingtray andway ewnay

Itway oundedsay ikelay omesay umbomay-umbojay
Iway ouldcay onlyway askway, “assupwhay?”
Iway ouldcay otnay akemay anyway ensesay ofway itway
Osay Iway ecidedday otay ustjay ivegay upway

Utbay everywhereway Iway entway Iway oundfay
Everyoneway eakingspay inway atthay unnyfay onguetay
Itway inallyfay ooktay itsway olltay onway emay
Andway ymay indmay ecamebay unstrungway

Enthay everythingway eganbay otay inspay
Andway ymay egslay adhay onay estraintray
Ymay eyesway ereway oonsay ullfay ofway arsstay
Andway Iway ellfay outway inway away eadday aintfay

Utbay owlyslay Iway amecay otay againway
Erethay onway ethay oorflay osay attenedflay
Itway asway allway ackbay otay ormalnay enthay
Everyoneway asway ustjay eakingspay igpay atinlay


Pigged Out!

I had a little problem today
It seems my ears became unglued
And I began to hear some different sounds
Which were troubling and new

It sounded like some mumbo-jumbo
I could only ask, “whassup?”
I could not make any sense of it
So I decided to just give up

But everywhere I went I found
Everyone speaking in that funny tongue
It finally took its toll on me
And my mind became unstrung

Then everything began to spin
And my legs had no restraint
My eyes were soon full of stars
And I fell out in a dead faint

But slowly I came to again
There on the floor so flattened
It was all back to normal then
Everyone was just speaking pig latin


Proverbs 17:22
New Living Translation (NLT)

22 A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.


In a world full of anger and mistrust please grant us joy in our spirits and peace in our minds.  May we always be slow to anger and quick to laugh.

Thank You, Lord!


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