Hatching Up a Hell


Matthew 6:15
New Living Translation (NLT)

15 But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.

I Laid a Little Egg

I laid a little egg today
And then I moved inside
It wasn’t much in the scheme of things
Just a small place I could hide

But then it seemed so comfy there
And my pain seemed less and less
So I laid an even bigger one
And I liked it, I must confess

From within I held the world at bay
Not a pain would I let through
But what I failed to understand
Was it kept out joy too

And I became so bitter then
As I pondered every pain
I lived within an endless cycle
Of reliving them again

The shell I thought protected me
Was no more than a snare
It kept me from the pain I feared
But there was no love for me to share

So if you should plan to lay an egg
And climb inside its shell
Remember that it feels good at first
But becomes a living hell

But there is a way to free yourself
And have a new life you can live
Ponder every pain just once again
And every one of them forgive

©2017 by William Pierce


Be with me today and change my heart so that I will not find myself in a prison of unforgiveness. Help me to view myself not from the insults of the world but from the Cross. Help me to always realize my worth to You. Thank You, Lord for caring and loving each and every one of us.


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