Dancing with the Angels


Acts 28:27
New King James Version(NKJV)

27 For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
Their ears are hard of hearing,
And their eyes they have closed,
Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
So that I should heal them.

Out of the Fog

Our ears can hear every sound
But what if there is none around

Our eyes can picture every sight
As long as there’s a flicker of light

But we also have spiritual eyes and ears
That only work when God is near

They only hear the truth from above
And see what is conceived in love

And though often angels hang around
We cannot see them or hear a sound

Please, Dear Lord, if I may be so bold
Enlighten me and heal my soul

That I may not miss a single chance
To watch the angels sing and dance

To hear the heavenly choir’s anthem
Of how You paid the bride’s ransom

And gaze upon the Heavenly sights
That will fill my heart with sheer delight

Oh please, I plead, and plead some more
Open up my senses that my heart might soar

©2017 by William Pierce


We live in darkness. We have become as cave dwellers, stumbling in the dark yet descending deeper and deeper into its deadly arms. Pursuing pleasure at the cost of joy. There is no treasure buried here. Only the glitter and dazzle of fool’s gold. Please open our eyes and ears to Your way and Your will. Only in them can we be complete.

Thank You, Lord for all things, great and small, through which we are blessed. Amen!


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