Light in the Darkness

Planet X

Well, today (October 5, 2017) has almost come and gone, and we are still intact. Planet X has not careened through the cosmos and destroyed our tiny blue marble of a planet. We are still here and breathing, though we are all rather breathless in light of the many horrible things we do to one another. It’s hard for me to make sense of how someone would or could with cold malice and seemingly no motive, kill and injure so many people that they did not know and that had done them no harm. May Almighty God have mercy on their wretched souls.

Planet X

I am vexed and perplexed
As I ponder Planet X
Is it here, is it there
Is it really anywhere
Could I find it if I tried
Or would it find a place to hide
If I took a rocket to the moon
Would I see it pretty soon
Or would it fade in the dark
Without a trace or a mark
Is it as big as can be
And pull with extreme gravity
Will it tear the Earth apart
Upsetting our apple cart
Is there any hope at all
That the stars will not turn loose and fall
Oh please dear Lord above
Reach down to us in love…


As I pause can feel Your hand
As it calms my troubled heart
All is well with my soul
And from You, I will not depart

Though the world would split asunder
And the skies roll back as scrolls
Though the sun goes black as midnight
And darkness my soul enfolds

To Your word as sweet as honey
I will my heart and mind entrust
It will steer me through the darkness
In Your love I will forever trust

©2017 by William Pierce

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