Accept It!

Forgive Yourself

This week  I’ll be taking some time off, so I’m posting some old prayers from my Mail Chimp Days. Hope you won’t mind?

John 1:17
For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

My church had a visiting pastor speak and he gave us this staggering fact. In nearly thirty years of counseling, he had never known anyone that grew up in an abusive situation, that did not believe was their fault.

Have you ever heard the expression, “Rode hard and put away wet.” It’s a picture of a horse ridden to its limit and put into a stall uncared for. It’s a perfect depiction of abuse, and quite often it’s ourselves that inflict the greatest abuse. We hear the lies about ourselves and we believe them. It can be very difficult from this slippery slope to believe the truth of the gospel. We can readily believe that we owe a tremendous debt, but actually to believe that it’s paid completely by Jesus, that’s a different story. You don’t know what I did ? Or what they did to me? And we can believe that Jesus died for us (even want to believe it), but to think that my debt could be completely paid off, never to be brought up again? Can’t be? And so, we ride ourselves hard, and slip into our stalls tired, wet and defeated. So while love is the greatest of all gifts, it can be hardest of all to get some people to accept.


We thank You so much for Your gift of Love through Forgiveness. It is a gift that can be hard for us to accept. We can feel we don’t need it, or that we don’t deserve it, or that we need to earn it. Sometimes we even feel we need to punish ourselves, since Grace doesn’t speak to our need for self-abasement. Please help us to realize just what Grace is and to not only accept and receive it, but to be Overjoyed! To be unable to contain ourselves! Joy unspeakable!!!Blessed Assurance!!!

Thank You, dear Jesus!