Rapped Out

Too Visceral

“Well, I guess we should all try new things. Then again there’s always that old saying of, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Anyway, today for some odd reason I decided to try my hand at writing some “rap”. Please forgive the warped mind and sense of humor of an old man.”

Too Visceral

A man ran up to me and stuck a mic in my face
“What do you think about what just happened, here in this place?”
Well, my mind went blank but a thought soon arose
And I answered him with absolutely, “Nothing, I suppose.”

But before I could leave he confronted me again
“Come on man! That’s not a viable o-pinion!”
“You gotta speak from your heart and tell it for real?”
“What’s down in your gut, you know, visceral?”

Well, if truth was what he wanted, then I could oblige
So I spit out my gum and looked him straight in the eye
“So here’s the whole truth, that you can bank on”
I’m gonna share this with you, and then I’m gone.

“I don’t own a radio, telephone or tv”
“There’s nothing on the airways that’s opinion-free”
All of you media-types, you’re just selling your souls
You’re just helping get the wants and desires, of those in control

So don’t try to tell me, to tell you the truth
You’d sooner have the dentist come, and pull your front tooth
You’d be much better off, to hide behind the lie
And tell yourself, you’re an upfront kind of guy

Well, I guess I’m through being real and visceral
I’m sure what I’ve said, hasn’t been a big thrill
So now I’ll turn around and be on my way
And maybe come around and talk again, some other day

Some other day,
Some other day,
I’ll tell you how I feel for real,
On some other day

©2017 by William Pierce


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