The Note

The Note

Matthew 13:44
New International Version (NIV)

The Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl

44 “The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

The Hidden Treasure

Hidden in a box,
Under a bed,
In a dark room,
Where no one had entered in thirty some odd years,
Laid a note that had suddenly become a treasure to her.
She held it in her hand as though it was a diamond and caressed it to her heart as though it were velvet medicine. It was a letter that had answered a lifelong yearning to know the truth.

Her mother, Amanda, had passed away recently, and she had come from Tulsa to Denver to clean out the things that were left in the family home. She had only found it today after a week of tireless work to “clean” things out. It had to be done and her sister just couldn’t find time to help. She had almost tossed that box out on the trash without looking inside. It certainly didn’t appear to be anything worth saving. Unfolding the tattered page once again, she read aloud…

“My Dearest Amanda,

This letter will not suffice to explain my actions, words never do, but I will try. I know that I have continued to grow more and more distant lately, but there is a darkness that has gripped me and will not let go. It has nothing to do with you. You are the love of my love and the only thing that I wish that I could hang onto, but the situation is hopeless. This fit of madness has completely captured me. I believe it began long ago in early childhood, but the memory of that horrible war is simply too much. Not just the World War though, but the war that has raged, it seems, for a lifetime inside my soul. I ache each day to throw off this emptiness, to take hold of you and the girls, and march off into a dream come true, but no matter how I have tried, the darkness prevails. So, my dear, I am leaving the only way I know how. Know that I love you. Please kiss the girls goodbye for me. Perhaps we will see one another again. I can only hope so with all my heart.

I love you so.


p.s. – Please ask Harry for help. He is a very good friend.”

Yes!! That simple note explained so much. Her father had just disappeared or so her sister and she thought, but he had committed suicide. The trauma of life just became too much. He didn’t just leave them! Harry did help them when her father was gone and he later married her mother. She had always resented their getting together and thought Harry a betrayer of her father.

“Why don’t you wait? Daddy will come back” she’d always say.

“No Charlotte, your father is gone. I’m sorry,” was always her mother’s answer.

She guessed they thought the stigma of mental illness would follow her sister and she, and that him just “being gone” would be better?

She wasn’t sure that had been the best thing, but right now what mattered most was that she knew the truth. Her father had not just run off and left them.

She needed to stop for the day. There was much to process. She wished she had been able to talk to her mother about this, but this note helped in one way she could do something about. Harry was not the man who she had thought he was. He had not just taken his mother away from his father as she had thought. He was a good man like her father had said. He had spent his life working and providing for her mother and the two of them. He had never complained and he had never broken his promise to her mother for her father’s suicide to not become public knowledge. It was too late to talk to her mother, but Harry was in the Pleasant Arms nursing home. She needed to talk to her sister and them go to see him.

She carefully folded the note and placed it back in its box to keep its secret and its treasure safe.

Maybe too, Harry and Amanda were together again?

©2017 by William Pierce


All truth sets us free if we hear it and accept it. May Your Truth be heard around the world and taken to heart by every soul. It is the medicine that will heal every pain and wipe away every tear. Thank You so for every tender mercy.


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