Be What You W-ant To Be

Dorm Ant

That’s Doctor Ant

There are ants in your pants
And ants in your kitchen
Red ants, fire ants, and army ants
That march in position

There’s a queen on the throne
And workers galore
Big males who are drones
And babies make four

But there’s one particular ant
That came from a different gene pool
He’s the little Dorm Ant
That ran off to school

He hatched from his egg
but couldn’t decide
Just what he should do
Or where to reside

He couldn’t be queen
And the work seemed so hard
And the drones didn’t seem
To last long out in the yard

So he pondered his fate
And he plotted a plan
He’d go off to college
And be a college man

He’d heard how a degree
Would help you fit in
Give you a pedigree
A place to begin

So he packed up his bags
And put on his shoes
Walked up to the Dean
And paid all the dues

He moved in behind
The wall of the dormitory
Hung up some blinds
The rest is ancient history

For he spent the next four years
Working hard as could be
A Bachelor, a Master
Holy Moly, a PhD!

The little Dorm Ant
Had made his big mark
Now he’s Doctor Dorm Ant
And he works at a park

Not just any old park
But down in Orlando
Where Pluto might bark
Mickey and Minnie might tango

He’s head ant-imator
At Disney productions
He wished upon a star
And refused substitutions

And on this you can bet
Though just a little ant
He’s not finished yet
He might even be Presid-ant

©2017 by William Pierce

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