Where Have You Come From, My Son?


In Touch With the Soil

The earth was created
As rare as rare can be
The Lord then on the sixth day
Breathed life in you and me

His mighty potter hands
Had formed us from the dust
And with His perfect image
Into life we all were thrust

From the soil we have come
To the soil we must go
Tending to the earth in between
Taking care that it grows

But a choice we were given
And a choice we have made
The innocent world now deceived
By the evil plan that was laid

From the soil we have come
To the soil we must go
Chasing after wickedness
Till Death takes us below

But from heaven into darkness
A gentle Savior came
And gave us back our perfect world
Our souls He did reclaim

From the soil we have come
And must await its cold embrace
But like a seed we’ll be made anew
By His amazing grace

From the soil we have come
But to it we’re no longer bound
The Devil led us all astray
But what was lost has now been found

From the soil we have come…

©2017 by William Pierce


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