Proverbs 17:22
New International Version (NIV)

22 A cheerful heart is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.


What is P-luck?
Is it like A or B or C-Luck?
Does it shine your car?
Come in a can or a jar?
Is it like soda or pop?
Have a ring on its top?
Does it glow in the night?
And give off a green light?
I must admit that I am quite stuck
What the heck “is” P-luck?

Where can I get some P-luck?
Is it delivered by a plane or a truck?
Is it out in a field or under the roof?
Is it really quite common or somewhat aloof?
Is it as small as a bread box or gigantic and tall?
If I climbed up on top would I be likely to fall?
If I had it would the world think me grand?
Or would I receive the back of the hand?
Please give me a hint as to what it might be
This is silly I know; please forgive “plucky” old me. Hehe!!!

©2017 by William Pierce


The world is a serious place, filled with much grief. Give us strength to fight for what is right and good, but let us never take ourselves too seriously. Laughter and smiles are great weapons against the darkness. Thank you for every blessing, every joy.



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