It’s Not Just Hall and Oates Who Are Out of Touch



National Asteroid Day (June 30, 2017)

I am amazed! Totally! Today is National Asteroid Day as declared by the United Nations. I heard about this earlier today and thought it would be like “National Donut Day” or “National Sit Outside and Watch the Grass Grow Day”, but no. This is big. Just look at their website.

You’ll have to forgive me. I’m old and out of touch. I mean, I think science is very cool and astronomy interests me greatly. I often marvel at the beauty of the universe and ponder the Hands that made it, but I can’t quite see all this commotion over asteroids. I understand the possible threat that exists, but I guess it’s my belief in God and His mercy that keeps me from being too upset about the possibility of an impending doom. God’s word lays out a timeline of events and while that timeline includes some very scary prospects, annihilation by an asteroid doesn’t seem to be in His plan. For me, if He hasn’t planned it – it won’t happen. A far bigger problem would be to come to the natural or unnatural end of my life and not possess the Grace that saves through the blood of Jesus. Now you’re talking a real disaster.

Anyway, please forgive my lackadaisical attitude toward something that seems to worry a great many citizens of the world. The Bible says of believers, that this is not our home, so I guess I’m just not that worried about an asteroid, or a flood, or a war, or a win or a loss by either political party, because God’s got my back. Most days I wonder why? Why He doesn’t just shut this universe down and start over, but He’s not going to, and I am always thankful for His great compassion.

I hope you all have had a great Asteroid Day. Ponder the beauty and the power they possess as they streak through the heavens, but give a few moments to consider the Hands that launched them on their journeys and the Love that has kept them from blowing us all to Kingdom Come long before now. While asteroids are amazing, they are no more than marbles in the Hands that made the universe.