Sunny Funny


Way Too Prompted

Oh! Daily Prompt, you drive me quite squirrelly
Who dreams you up?
Are they petite or are they burly?

Do they drive a big Jag or a modest Camero?
Do they run a high office?
Wear a hat or a sombrero?

Do they live out in Texas or San Bernardino?
Do they wear a silk suit?
Drink coffee or sip cappuccino?

Do they rent in the city or own an estate?
Advertise during Super Bowl Halftime?
Eat from fine china or just a plate?

I really can’t imagine or dream who you are
These words are so random
You might be Dr. Suess or Nevada Barr?

So Daily Prompt please don’t scoff or refuse
Give us a word that inspires
Whatever the method or madness you use

And forgive me, I know, I’m way too obsessive
But my choice isn’t clear
Should I make “sunny” feel fun or repressive?

© 2017 by William Pierce

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