Reach In, Reach Out



(Garbage City just outside of Cairo, Egypt).


Psalm 150:6
New International Version (NIV)

6 Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.

A few years ago, around Thanksgiving, I was watching football on the television and somewhere amidst that, Lady GaGa appeared. Now I like football pretty well and I even admire Lady GaGa’s talent, but it just seemed like a too surreal happening so I turned the tv off, picked up a pen, and began to ponder what I thought the spirit of Thanksgiving ought to be. How we should be involved locally and globally in the world around us.

Rise, If You Dare

Walk with me today,
Don’t sit at tables with family and friends,
Don’t eat turkey and complain of being fat,
Don’t sit and watch football and GaGa,

Rise, if you dare,
Come; let us walk the streets of misery,
Let us feast our eyes on pain and suffering,
On children who flesh out meals from trash heaps,
On men and women who have no homes,
Regardless of the reason,
Maybe it’s sloth or maybe it’s our indifference,

Rise, if you dare,
Come; let us talk with those who have no one,
Whose loneliness cuts deep in the soul,
They sit in nursing homes and hospitals,
They wait and wait and wait,
How long will we make them wait?

Rise, if you dare,
Come; let us love those who are unlovable,
Let us reach our arms around the heart and soul;
Let us hug and squeeze life back into their emptiness;
Release them; release them, from their bonds.

Rise, if you will,
Come; and help me, for I too am afraid,
Let us join hands and hearts,
Let us keep one another from the terror,
Then, will we not be truly thankful;
Then will we not be truly blessed;
Then will we not possess the mind of God.

Rise, if you dare.

by William Pierce
©November 25, 2011



Give us this day and every day our daily bread. May we appreciate every slice. May it fill us up so that we will be generous to those who are hungry. May it bring us peace so we will not be given to judgment of others. May our joy be surpassed only by our gratitude.

In the name of Him who gave us His all. Amen!

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