You Were There

Pray without ceasing background

Psalm 143:1

1 Lord, hear my prayer,
listen to my cry for mercy;
in your faithfulness and righteousness
relieve my suffering.

A smile, a hug, even a kind word can ease the hurts of those who are in pain. It is not a difficult task. We do not have to be counselors or doctors or hold any position of power or authority. We only need to be willing to listen most of the time. To take it upon ourselves to look for and to respond to those around us who need an open mind, a caring heart, and a mouth speaking comfort.


Today. Yes, today, help us to open our hearts. To throw open the doors to our understanding and to listen and console and confirm those who are struggling in this world. May we be mindful of the times when we needed someone to listen and repay that kindness with an open heart. Help us to be Your feet and hands here on this planet, and bring You the glory and honor You desire.

Thank You, Lord for all things.


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