A Single Step

Single Step

Numbers 23:19
New International Version (NIV)

19 God is not human, that he should lie,
not a human being, that he should change his mind.
Does he speak and then not act?
Does he promise and not fulfill?

The Chinese philosopher, Laozi, is credited with the quote that: “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Today I begin this part of my life’s journey with this post. It actually began quite a long time ago and has carried me down many side roads. Some quite dark and some filled with magnificent light, but I won’t bore you with a lot of life details for now. I’ll save them for my therapist.

What I do have to share that’s worthwhile is an unshakable believe in the nature of God. I struggled early in life with unanswerable questions. Like, “If God is all powerful, why would He allow this or that?” I would also find fault with “Christians” that proselytized on Sunday, then sinned on Monday. One day though, I began to look at the true “nature of God”. Not what others did to me and not some silly test question I cooked up about Him. Rather, what could I perceive was His true nature. It is a trip I continue each day. Here’s what I know so far.

His Glory (Power)
First, God is all-powerful. Just look around. How could this world have simply “happened”? The known universe is about 91 billion light years wide. That’s light years! A light year is about 6 trillion miles, so the known universe is about 546,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 miles wide. Whew!!! Glad I’m not paying the cab fare. Interspersed between all of that are stars and planets beyond numbering. On the other end of the spectrum are quarks. They are the smallest known particles to make up an atom. They’re about 0.000000000000000010 m in size. Really glad I don’t have to look for them. I can hardly find my glasses most days. Here’s the real kicker. Inside all of this is a perfect set of rules that everything functions by. We may not understand much of those rules, but they exist or everything would fly apart. God is a creator. He is all-powerful. He is more than able to destroy each and every one of us, if He wishes, but He doesn’t.

His Knowledge (Omniscient)
I don’t know what God knows. I simply am not smart enough to measure His knowledge. It is beyond me. He knows me, however, and everything I need. If He can create all that is created then He has got to be all-knowing. He at least knows more than any being that I know of.

His Essence (Love)
Another thing I know about God is this: He is chocked full of love. Running over, overflowing, never ending love from the soles of His feet to the crown on top of His head…He is LOVE! If He weren’t, He would have gotten rid of ALL of us a very long, long, long time ago.

His Faithfulness (Trustworthy)
He is what He is. (Period.!) He is unchanging. What He was and said yesterday, is still true today. It will be that way tomorrow and every day after that. He says, “You won’t steal, lie, murder, covet, etc.” It sounds like a commandment, but mostly it’s about trustworthiness. He said He would not tolerate those things in His kingdom, and He meant it. Those things will destroy a perfect paradise. The other side of the coin though is His great love. For all that He says that He won’t tolerate, there is also an unending supply of mercy and grace. Sin won’t be accepted, but love is His essence. It might sound contradictory but it’s not.

You can seem scary to people who do not know You. You are so awesome. You created an angel that went and destroyed 185,000 soldiers in a single night and for all his might, He would not last a second in a fight with You. Yet, I know from experience that You are as a gentle shepherd tending his flock. You would go out and seek Your sheep. If they are lost, You will find them, and You will lay down Your life to save them. Please be with us all and open our eyes. Help us to see You in all that is around us from the smallest object to the innumerable stars. You are with us and You love us.

Thank You, Lord for all that You are. Amen.