Just Start Walking He’s Right Beside You


Psalm 23:6
New International Version (NIV)

Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.

So, how do we “walk with God”?

Enoch walked with faith and God took him away to heaven.  Noah found favor with God and was spared from the flood. Abraham had faith and was made a father of nations. King David was a man after God’s own heart and he was promised an everlasting kingdom. The disciples of Jesus were remade into Sons of God.

So how do we walk with God? Well, you can search the web and find thousands of websites with thousands of methods from thousands of very qualified theologians. I would not discourage you from reading all you can, but since I’m just a simple layperson I stumbled upon what worked for me several years ago.

I had heard the gospel all my life. I would sit in my grandmother’s kitchen for lunch before I began school and I can still hear her radio playing – “This is Back to the Bible Broadcast!” the announcer would shout and a chorus of I Love to Tell the Story would break forth into the room as I sat at the dining table, dangling my feet, and savoring whatever the day’s lunch fare would be.

There were many times though, in later years, that I was far from God. Slowly though He pursued me and convinced me that He was not a big, bad dictator just waiting to slap me up beside my head and throw me into the darkest hell. No, when I allowed myself to honestly look at Jesus. His life, His message, His works, I found God to be a loving Father just waiting to embrace me and bless me. He has countless times protected me, guided me, and provided for me.

The biggest gift (outside to Jesus Himself) though is prayer. Through a series of events in these past few years He has lead me into intercessory prayer. I fought this. I just didn’t think that prayer was “my thing”. Once I started though, it has proven to be one of the biggest blessings I have ever received.

At first, I prayed and prayed. I prayed BIG prayers. I prayed for hours. I hoped my words would move God and if not, perhaps my persistence would? Slowly the Holy Spirit revealed what would make the difference between praying to and praying with God. It’s just a conversation. A conversation with someone who loves you more than anyone else. Who understands you and your needs better than anyone else. Then, after all those years, I began to walk “with” God. Before I was letting Him come along with me. Now I’m listening. I’m asking to come alongside of Him. I’m even beginning to listen. You have to listen in order to have a conversation.

So for me that’s how to improve your walk with God. If you don’t know about God or don’t think you need Him, give Him a chance. He loves you. He’s right beside you all the time. Then start praying. It doesn’t have to be fancy. He doesn’t even like fancy prayers. Just start talking to Him. Tell Him about your troubles, your needs, your fears. Finally, start to listen. Start to look for Him. He’s a spirit so you have to feel Him to know He’s there. If you don’t feel Him don’t worry because whether you feel Him or not, He’s still there. He’s always there. Always.


Like Enoch, Noah, Abraham, David and the disciples help us to trust in You more every day. Let us feel You and see You. Let Your Light enter into our hearts and heal all that is wrong. May we take time to slow down and humble ourselves so that we may listen to Your word. May we hear it. May it change us from beggars into sons and daughters of God.

In the name of Jesus who makes all things possible,