When I was Adrift, You Came to Me

By William Pierce

Sing songs to knights and kings,
And ginger-haired ladies walking castle walls.
No, I’ll never be anything;
Anything at all.
Just a bloated, battered body,
Floating on an endless sea.

And even if I were to wash to shore,
I’m sure all would pass me by,
Save the gulls, who’d pick my bones,
No one would wonder why I’d died.


As a teenager I wrote this poem. It’s not a particularly great poem. It does however, express a hopelessness that consumed me then, that is even hard for me to understand anymore. I’m afraid that many people today are consumed with similar feelings of hopelessness. They are adrift in their world with nothing that will anchor them. Today, and every day, I am grateful to have discovered a mooring that is sure and strong, that holds me tight and never let’s go, that loves with a love beyond measure, that caused me later to write this poem:


Whisper to Me
by William Pierce

Whisper to me,
Ever so softly.
I am waiting in this quietness.
It is so very, very still…
I can hear my heartbeat.
I am breathless with anticipation.
There is only one Voice I long to hear,
The Voice of the Shepherd,
I have not always sat this still,
Nor listened with ears tilted,
Straining so very hard to hear,
Longing for Its warmth and joy.
Too long I played the harlot,
And cried out to those that sang a song of love,
But left me with only a moment of pleasure,
Lonelier yet, and filthier still.
But You Gentle One,
You lift me up and heal my heart.
You carry me Home in Your arms
And whisper yet another love song.
My heart is Yours.
I will not miss this heartless place,
Since I find myself again, in Your embrace.


Bless today those who are adrift. Who feel as though, there is no hope. Who feel as though, no one cares. Who feel as though, there is no other choice. Comfort them and ease their pain. Love them back to life. Whisper love songs to their hearts and woo them back to joy. Hold them firm against the tide of darkness that grips them until they too know the warmth of Your embrace.

I ask it in Jesus’ name as He instructed, knowing full well You will answer, because You love us.


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